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Marc Jesús

Painter, NFT Artist , Sculptor, Designer
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Marc Jesús
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About Marc Jesus

A life of Experience

Painter and sculptor

Born in Ibiza, 1966.
He has lived in Ciutadella de Menorca since 1984.
Having his father, the painter Ramón Jesús, as his teacher, he not only learns and assimilates pictorial techniques, but also lives and breathes the world of art and creation.


  • International
  • National
    • "Happy Hour individual", Galería Kreisler, Madrid
    • "1997", "Estiu", "1999", "Art Expo", "Eternes vacances", "2001", "Individual", Galería Jordi Barnadas, Barcelona
    • "1998 El llibre", Colectiva, Galería Columna, Barcelona
    • Individual de Escultura, Galería Art Dama, Calafell
    • Mural de 100 mts por 2 mts en el metro de Barcelona con el motivo del aniversario de Gaudí
    • "2009 Individual","Individual", GI-ART, Gerona
    • "2004 Individual", "Cotidianitats co-laterals", La Galería, Sant Cugat
    • "Individual", Castillo de Roquetas de Mar, Almería
    • "2005 Individual", "2012 Individual", Galería 22, Igualada Barcelona
    • Feria Marbella, Málaga
    • "2007 Individual", Galería CC22, Madrid
    • "Feria de ESTAMPA'95", "Arco'96", "García Lorca, poeta de la imagen", "Alberto Cornejo", "Colectiva Referencia Goya", "1997 Feria Estampa", Galería BAT, Madrid
    • "Museo de los Ángeles", Centre Cultural Casa de Vacas, Madrid
    • "1999", Galería Gadda, Zaragoza
    • Galería 2mil2, Zaragoza
    • Galería MarcArt, Olot
    • "Individual", Galería BABEL, Múrcia
    • "2014 ArtJaen", Feria de Arte Contemporáneo, Jaén
  • Balearic Islands
    • "Exposición Individual", "Exposición Colectiva", Centre d'Art S'Estació, Sineu, Mallorca
    • "Colectiva Pintura Mediterránea", "Colectiva La Nit", Sala del Roser, Ciutadella
    • "2000 Escultores de Menorca", Claustro del Carme, Maó, Menorca
    • Obra Seleccionada Premio Sant Antoni, Menorca
    • 2000 Cuadro a la colección testimonio de "LA CAIXA"
    • "1995", "Marc Jesús al metro de Barcelona -(muestra del trabajo y realización del mural en el metro)", Sala Sant Josep, Ciutadella, y Sala Sant Antoni, Maó
    • "2008 Individual", Galería ART I JOC, Ciutadella
    • "Individual", "2013 Alegría", "HAPPY!", Galería Artara, Mahón
    • "Individual", "Alegría", Galería Vidrart, Ciutadella
    • "2011 Impresiones de al china-idò", Ciutadella
    • "Vacas street art", Alaior, Menorca
  • Advertising campaigns

The collection: 1.550 Original programmatically generated NFT collectibles + 50x50 cm canvas print hand signed by Marc



All ilustrations are fully created by the Artist Marc Jesús



Complex algorith creates unique and irrepetible combinations for amazing NFT ART tokens.


Computer / artist creation

An artist's creation with the help of dna algorithms to represent new representations of art.



The iconic blue woman transforms herself by totally changing her colours.


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We will raffle 10 NFT among all owners. We want to reward art lovers with a special souvenir.

75 % Minted

Support for a good cause

We donate to a good cause

This project has a social purpose. We want to help improve society through concrete actions and we start locally, what we live day by day. If we reach this goal we will donate 30,000 euros to ASPANOB, the Association of Parents of Children with Cancer that is closest to us.

100% Minted

Support for collectors

We ensure your investment

We will earmark 10 ETH of the proceeds as a fund to maintain the base price in the NFT token markets.


See some examples of Marc Jesús unique NFT ART TOKENS

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#... Cabaret






#... Frida




#... Wader







The team

Team Members


Marc Jesus

The artist!

Painter and sculptor known for his iconic blue woman and standard-bearer of the Mediterranean lifestyle.


Joan Caules

Blockchain expert

Blockchain and smart contract development specialist.


Tomas de Salort

Fullstack devop

Experienced developer specialising in backend and system administration.



Community Manager

Specialist in community development and customer service through social networks.


You can contact with us on:

o directly send us an email at info @

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A blockchain is a transaction log that is present and made up of many servers at the same time. Put in a very generic way, if one of the servers requests a modification of the registry, all the other servers must also update that modification. So the registry is present everywhere and nowhere at the same time. This makes it very secure and very stable.

So a blockchain becomes an unconfiscable and incontestable record about a certain piece of data. If we have a place to write down the absolute truth of what is there and what is not there, then we have the solution not only for a monetary system like Bitcoin, but a system of control and registration for anything else.

If the token is unique, it means that it cannot be exchanged for another token. Because each token has a unique and different intrinsic value. And that is why they are called non-fungible tokens (non-fungible token) NFT.

The main values of NFTs are:

  • Unique: the metadata describes what makes this asset different from the rest. This is a permanent, unalterable record that describes what this NFT represents. It is an authenticated certificate of authenticity.
  • Indivisible: NFTs cannot be divided into smaller denominations, they can only be bought, sold and held in their entirety.

Using this technology we can secure a number of things:

  • Ownership: blockchain technology helps prove ownership while making change of ownership a much easier process almost instantly.
  • Transferable: they can be freely traded on specific markets, facilitating exchange and immediately putting a value on the asset.
  • Authentic: Blockchain-enabled NFTs are the perfect weapon against counterfeiting while giving buyers the confidence that they will get what they paid for.

Marc Jesús is a contemporary artist born in Ibiza and based in Ciutadella de Menorca. His works are known for their expression of the Mediterranean, light and colour, with his iconic blue women standing out.

He is an artist who has exhibited internationally, increasingly accepted and with a great projection.

It is the first generative digital art collaboration by a local artist, an integration of two totally different essences and a nod to the probable future of technology. Exploring the possibilities offered by technologies and creating something that is a hybrid between the contemporary and the future, an artistic evolution.

To acquire an NFT from the Marc Jesús collection you need a digital wallet to store the token and claim it from.

A wallet is something like a bank account or vault within the blockchain in which we can hold digital assets such as NFTs and cryptocurrencies. Each wallet has its own unique address, like a bank account.

For Ethereum, the most widely used wallet is the Metamask browser extension, although there are more options such as physical wallets, for example Ledger wallets.

Once the wallet has been created, the process for depositing cryptocurrencies is as follows: create an account on an exchange such as Binance, Kraken or Coinbase and transfer these cryptocurrencies to the address of our wallet.

It should be noted that the network on which NFTs are based is Ethereum, so it is necessary to acquire this type of cryptocurrency. It is important not to get confused and use the correct currency. Ethereum has the ticker ETH and the purchase pairs in Euros are usually ETH/EUR or ETH/USD if you use dollars.

Once the ETH are available in the corresponding wallet the purchase process is as simple as entering this web page.

When you enter you will be asked to connect the wallet to the page, and if you accept the connection you will be able to click on the "Mint" button. You will have to accept the transaction from the wallet.

Transactions may take a few minutes, depending on the traffic at the time, but you will receive a confirmation from the wallet that you now have your NFT. Congratulations! You are the owner of an exclusive Marc Jesús artwork.

Once you receive confirmation that you have the NFT, you can check that it is in your wallet from (the wallet will automatically take you to the correct page).

In the Erc721 Token Txns tab you will see the transaction of the corresponding token.

Also in the "Tokens" dropdown in the top menu you will see under the heading "ERC-721 Tokens" the token corresponding to the NFT you have just purchased.

There are different ways to display a portfolio's NFTs. One simple way is to go to the

Another alternative to track all NFTs in a portfolio is to use the service

Where you can see everything in your wallet. You can also view them from any marketplace such as

There are several places where NFTs can be bought and sold, although the best known for Ethereum networks is